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Hello, It's 22/12/2008,smallest day of the year.I am Blogging since more than a 2 years. I have 8 blogs,but none of them written by me,means dont have my own words.I am thinking of write a blog by my own words since a long time,but still not write one becuase of my laziness. Now i got an idea to write a blog by own words. So here i am going now.

NOTE : This post may contain some funny things and PJ's. Some of you might not understand it because it might be related to someones only. So if you not understand anything then please please..leave it and dont ask me about that stupid things.And most important thing is that in this post you could find many grammar and spelling mistakes becuase i am not as intelligent as Rahul..No no i am not talking about Rahul Mahajan,beacuse Rahul whose i am talking about is not a bull shit,and he is also not a SEO.And i am not talking about Rahul Gandhi also,beacuse Rahul whose i am talking about is not as intelligent as Rahul Gandhi. I am talking about Rahulkumar Patel(whose name is in the below list(MAY BE)), the lucky guy. You would be thnking "Why he is lucky???",so the answer is, because he is sitting next to me in office...Hahaha...i said this post contain funny things.....

First of all how i got an idea to write this post: Friends i like to search my name in google,atleast once a day i search my name in Google.......REALLY....;).So one day i was searching in Google and the search keyword was "Raviraj Deora".As always the result was same,first link was of facebook profile,second was of ibibo profile etc.But one new link appear on that day,whcih was of a blog Chintu Roy of my sir Kirankumar Roy.

Still Remaining....

Ankit Patel
Ankit Thakkar
Ankit Vyas
Bhoomi Solanki
Brijesh Thakar
Hetvi Soni
Jaydeepsingh Deora
Kirankumar Roy
Krupal Amin
Nisarg Shah
Priyank Agrawal
Rahul Patel
Ravi Gupta
Vibhuti Raol
Vikrant Gupta


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